About 'D'

Aamer Dhamani -- nicknamed 'D' because not many people can pronounce his last name properly the first three dozen times -- is a closet-writer.

D was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and moved to Pakistan a couple of weeks before the Gulf War broke out. He started freelancing a decade later. And after enjoying being his own boss for about a decade -- so he could have all the time he would need to write his bestseller, but procrastination got the better of him -- he became a part of the Pakistani print media:

February 2009 to February 2015
Daily Times / Pakistan Today / The News International

March 2015 to May 2016
Editorial Consultant / Subeditor
The Express Tribune

November 2016 to date
Senior Subeditor
The News International

On this website you'll find a handful of articles that D has written. They include a review, a comment and some profiles.

Happy reading -- if you're not going to procrastinate, that is.