About Aamer Dhamani

Aamer ‘D’ Dhamani is a Karachi-based journalist who has been associated with the print media since early 2009. He writes human interest stories. He has been a senior subeditor at The News International (TNI) since November 2016. Previously, he was an editorial consultant / subeditor at The Express Tribune (March 2015 to May 2016), and a subeditor at TNI (December 2012 to February 2015), Pakistan Today (December 2010 to May 2012) and Daily Times (February 2009 to December 2010).

Published stories

April 18, 2021: A discreet exit of a discreet man

October 25, 2020: ‘Everything in landscape painting must exude a sense of natural balance’

June 28, 2020: Whatever will be, will be

April 12, 2020: Lockdown lessons for restless Karachi from around the globe

April 5, 2020: Don’t let the COVID-19 nightmare debilitate you!

March 23, 2020: From hygiene habits to family dynamics, COVID-19 is changing Karachi’s people

October 7, 2019: State of Garden East paints a terrible picture of neglect and decay

July 26, 2018: Controversial ballot count follows a day of calm voting in Karachi

July 23, 2018: As all bets are off in NA-245, can MQM still pull a hat-trick?

August 26, 2013: Finest art can be created in borderline solitude

February 27, 2012: Camel piss drinker v/s Jalebi Mullah

February 20, 2012: At war with this thing called reality

February 13, 2012: Sana the X-ray artist / Saqiba’s brush paints poetry / Creating art makes Munawar go OMG!

February 11, 2012: ‘Simplicity echoes reality’

February 10, 2012: Walking on fresh grass at dawn

February 9, 2012: Clicking for heaven on Earth

November 23, 2011: ‘Appearance, disappearance and reappearance’

August 26, 2011: ‘Papercuts’ rekindles joie de lire